Set of sad wallpapers you send your feelings when you’re in the mood

Sad wallpapers is a wallpaper pattern that is full of the mood of a boy. In love as well as in life, besides the moments of sublimation and moments of happiness, there are still many moments of sadness and anxiety.

Europe is also an inevitable law of creation. However, facing sadness and overcoming it is not easy: some people cry alone, some people huddle in a lonely place to “gnaw” their sadness, or some people turn to alcohol to forget all…

Each person has a different way of overcoming sadness, but in general, it is painful and smooth. The following wallpaper collection says it all.

Set of sad wallpapers alone

In love as well as in life, besides the sweet and romantic moments, happiness is filled with sadness and loneliness. Sad because of broken love, because the couple is separated, sad because of loneliness, alone.

When you are sad, you just want to find a quiet place to sit and “gnaw” your sadness, two rows of tears fall in turn. The following best sad alone wallpapers have partly said that.

Sad wallpapers about love is quite moody

Love is colorful and colorful: when we are still walking together, we are extremely happy, but when we break up, everything seems to fall apart, no longer alive, not love is always pink, love parting is a sadness, a pain like a knife in the heart.

Sad wallpapers about broken love, unrequited love partly reflects your mood right now. When in love, people are willing to give each other good words. But when love is over, people are ready to say bitter words.

And the same is true of unrequited love or brokenness, just daring to secretly love someone, not being able to confess to someone is also very painful. The set of sad wallpapers above reflects that somewhat!

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