Sad Cover Photo, Cover Photo Of Mood You Send Sadness

Sad cover photo, mood cover photo is a collection of cover photo templates that contain your feelings, your secret heart you cannot share with anyone. Seeing this cover photo sample, you cannot help but be shocked when you briefly see your image in it.

Send your sadness through the following sample sad cover photo, mood cover photo you will surely find your heart more relieved and serene. Each sample of the cover image is each heart sent. Share to choose for yourself a cover photo template that suits your feelings and moods!

Sad cover photo for girls

Girls have a sensitive soul, so sometimes they are easily “crushed” by everything, especially in the love story of men and women. When in love, girls often love with all their heart, passionately with all their hearts, so when their love is broken, they are in great pain. At such times, they often send their sadness through the sad cover photo for girls template on Facebook or Zalo’s personal page for more relief.

Sad cover image cries in the rain of soft girls.

Forget or let go of things that don’t belong to you – the moody cover template comes with love.


Sad cover art for lonely girls.

Sad cover photo “waiting for someone there” for the girls in love.

Cover photo sad mood boys

Guys are sometimes very strong but sometimes also very weak, especially in the relationship of a couple. Perhaps because a son loves so sincerely, believes absolutely in the person he loves as well as believes that his love will be immortal, so when the love is quite painful. Not so slippery as the girls, the boys often swallow their tears inside, pitying with the pain. Here are the samples of cover photo sad mood boys like!

“Please give me two words of BINH YEN, don’t say anything more”. When boys have to say this, they are in tremendous pain.

Cover image of a sad mood boy for the days without you.

Any more sad cover art templates!

Mood cover picture when a man loves one-sidedly.

Sad lonely cover photo

There is also a sample of beautiful cover that is sadder than that when the image of a girl or a boy sitting crouched in the dark, alone, sitting alone “gnawing” with sadness, crying for love or miserable love life. le. If you are in the mood, please share this lonely sad cover photo template on your Facebook page or Zalo to send your sadness!

A boy sitting alone in the dark or solitary place “nibbles” his sadness.

Cover photo of a lonely and sad girl.

This lonely sad cover, moody cover template will speak your heart ..

The cover photo is sad to cry

When people are sad, people often find tears to comfort themselves. After crying a satisfying match you will find your heart much more relieved. Is sadness drifting away from the tears ?! That is the reason why this sad and crying cover photo was born.

If one day you suddenly want to cry, Lean on me and relax. Leaving the tears on his body cold, the Sorrow Pack melts into nothingness.

If one day you suddenly want to cry, He pats, gently caresses. Let me forget the tired days, Austria touches her shoulders, according to the age of spring.

If one day you suddenly want to cry, Let me wipe your tears. To my heart, a new dawn on the steps, Warm you up in a series of cold days.

If one day you suddenly want to cry, but know that it is your fault. He suffered in thousands of regrets, Borrowing love poems he apologized to her.

After spreading your heart with the top 100 sad cover photos, mood cover photos above, I hope you find your heart more relieved and more serene. Whatever the sadness, you should try to overcome it to enjoy a beautiful life that awaits you ahead, maybe you will find a better lover with more faithful love than before! Please share this image as Facebook cover photo, send your mood to get over your sadness soon!

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